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Development History

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June, 1969
Liuting Station of the north sea navy fleet was established and named “Aviation machinery plant of liuting airport”.

May, 1973
Independently researched and manufactured maintenance equipment for automobile.----Double columns lifting machine assembly, and launch into the markets.

January ,1976
Researched and created CA-10 type automobile connecting rod assembly with liberation brand. Mating with Qingdao Power machinery plant is classified to national plan.

From the year of 1978 to 1996,we are awarded the honors of “Abiding by contract and keep promised” issued by Qingdao Industrial and Commercial bureau year after year and “AAA Credit Enterprise” identified by Qingdao Enterprises Contract Recognition Committee.

In 1996, we designed and manufactured the first floor-type lathe with 2000 mm turning diameter for Qingdao beer equipment engineering company.

In 1999
The company was changed from the military enterprise into private company in accordance with the document issued by Central Military Commission and The State Council.

April, 2002
The first generation floor-type lathe was officially named CK60 series floor type lathe, and fully launch into the market.

July, 2005
The company was renamed “Qingdao Mingtai Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

January 2006.
The vertical lathe with fixed beam awarded the national patent, the patent no. : ZL200620080216.4,

April, 2007
The company was officially named “Qingdao North Torch Machine Co.,Ltd. Meanwhile, launched “North Torch Machine” Brand Lathe.  


May, 2008
The company passed the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.

March 2009
CG Series CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe passed provincial and municipal Level 2 technical evaluations

March, 2009

Heavy-duty horizontal lathe with 3-jaws linkage chucks awarded the national patent, the patent no. : ZL200920025640.2.

November, 2011
The heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe with 3 jaws linkage awarded the National Innovation funds support.

May 2011
Pass provincial and municipal technical central appraisal.

September 2012
New designed CNC Grinding Boring Milling Machine with combination cutting tool and 4 guide rails structure is obtained national practical new model patent

June, 2013

Our CKM Series CNC Grinding Lathe Machine was launched on the market.

June, 2014

Our CK6016 series Floor Type Lathe Machines were exported to Chile, total quantity is 20 sets.

July 2014
Our CK61160*8—40T Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe Machine was successfully exported to Thailand. Used for machining 40T sugar mill cylinders.

May 2015
Our CNC Grinding Boring Milling Machine had the honor to award “National Invention Patent” (Patent No. : ZL 2013 1 0219160.0)


Deecember, 2015, we successfully designed and manufactured customized CNC Lathe used for machining tyre mold with forged steel material, the customer is satisfied with our lathe.



July, 2016, we successfully designed and manufactured special professional roll turning CNC Lathe for Georgia Steel Customer. The average roll hardness is 65HRC, the cutting volume of our lathe can reach 10 MM.


September, 2016, exported 2 sets heavy duty horizontal lathes to Azerbaijan used for turning 7 meters cylinders.

February,2017, exported 3 sets CNC Lathes with full metal shield to Argentina.


September, 2017, Successfully designed end facing CNC Lathe with full metal shield for Indian Customer used for machining Aluminum Mold, the Max. RPM can reach 500 RPM per minute.

November,2017 export heavy duty horizontal conventional lathe to Pakistan.

January,2018, exported professional Pipe Threading CNC Lathe to Colombia used for machining textile pipe.

March, 2018, successfully exported 2 sets heavy duty horizontal CNC Lathe to Ethiopia. Our Engineer finished the machine installation, commissioning and training successfully within 7 days.



Qingdao Mingtai Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is China Professional Lathe Machine Manufacturer with more than 50 years experience from design,manufacture,sale to after-sale service,it was established in 1969.


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