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数显重型卧式车床 / Heavy duty horizontal lathe

品牌 Brand:北方星火机床

系列 Series: Large Horizontal Lathe

型号 Type:CW6180

X轴行程 Xstroke:

Z轴行程 Zstroke:

X轴快速 Xrapid speed:

Z轴快速 Zrapid speed:

床身回转 Swing over machine bed:

滑板回转 Swing over cutting tool carriage:

工件重量 Weight of workpiece:

工件长度 Length of workpiece:

尾座直径 Diameter of tailstock:

尾座行程 Stroke of tailstock:

产品概述 / Product summary

产品实拍 / Equipment display

客户使用现场 / Case study

外型尺寸 / Equipment size

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